Self Build

Self Build

Flexiblity for self builders

If you are building your home on a site which has been gifted to you or that you intend to purchase, you will need a mortgage that is flexible.

You will need the facility to draw down the funds in a number of stages as the building progresses through the various stages. The mortgage process for building a house is a time consuming process. It’s our job is to take the hassle away from the finance side and let you concentrate on what’s important to you, ensuring the construction of your home progresses as you wish.


Working with Mortgage Plus on your building project
Shopping around

We will compare all of the main lenders to get you the best deal possible


We will give you advice that is in your best interest, for example, we would always recommend that you request about 10-15% additional funding. It saves you incurring the cost of a top-up application and there’s no penalty if you don’t draw down the funds originally applied for.

Solicitors and Architects

With a self build mortgage there is a lot of dealings with architects and solicitors. We will liaise directly with your professionals to ensure that the mortgage draws down as you need in order to pay for work completed. You simply call us when you require a stage payment and we will ensure that you receive the funds without delay.

Support when you need it

At all stages, we will take you by the hand through any complications that may arise. Whether this means us calling your solicitor, architect, valuer, insurance company etc, we are highly experienced at handling any unforeseen issues.

Meet With You

We will be accessible to answer any queries you may have. It is our job to give you peace of mind as things progress.

Get the support you need when building your home.