You don’t have to be green if you are a first time home buyer

You don’t have to be green if you are a first time home buyer

‘It’s not easy Bein’ Green’ as Kermit the Frog famously sang many years ago.

The fact is that many first time home buyers probably have never seen the famous Jim Hansen creation from the 70’s. You see Kermit was a puppet that was worked with strings. He needed help to perform. He was a green frog. ‘Bein, Green’ can be viewed in different ways but more on that later.

Many of today’s first time buyers grew up with ‘Rugrats, Barney and a few other colourful characters’ that filled rainy weekend mornings before mum or dad brought you to the park or to a sports club for two hours of playing football or running or dancing.

If you were born in 1987 and are turning 30 now and looking to buy your first home the days before smartphones and smart TVs, before social media and ‘Instafacetwitteragram’ is really hard to fathom.

When you went to junior infants in 1992 Kilkenny beat Cork to win the All-Ireland hurling final and a couple of weeks later Donegal won the All Ireland football title defeating Dublin. Harry Potter was starting out on his adventures and he would guide many over the coming years and each Halloween a number of wizards that would populate the neighbourhoods would grow.

When you started secondary school the treat of the ‘millennium bug’ was like a dark cloud that could easily have flooded us but after all the speculation and fear the bug was treated and did not cause a lasting infection. The new century brought new money, Saipan, the little tiger cub grew into a Celtic Tiger and we welcomed our new citizens who came from many corners of the world that helped drive our economy.

Then we crashed and we have had 7 years of struggle, cutbacks and recession. But the clouds are clearing and we have entered into a new period of growth, employment and opportunities. How long will this last, who knows but as a wise farmer once said ‘make hay while the sun shines’.

At Mortgage Plus we offer clear independent Mortgage advice to our clients. We do not work for the bank but we work for you to enable you to obtain mortgage approval, get the best deal that suits you and guide you from initial enquiry until you obtain your keys to your new home.

We will help you calculate the amount you can qualify for. Explain the Central Bank regulations, assist you in deciding which rate is best suited for you and provide step by step assistance along a sometimes tricky pathway.

Going back to Kermit and ‘being green’ can be interpreted in a number of ways but I see ‘bein’ green ‘as a temporary situation. ‘Bein’ Green’ just means you need assistance and clarity for what will be the biggest financial decision in your young life. We are here to help. We are here to take the ‘green’ and make it ‘colourful’ and we want to take the journey with you to purchasing your first home.

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